Piotr, Poland – Level 2


With my wife, my 4-month-old son and I went on a holiday in 2012. At that time I had a new phone. It was a smartphone. The way was quite simple, but I used the GPS. I wanted to see how it worked. The day before the trip I downloaded the way into my GPS. It looked like you only needed a GPS signal without internet access.

We started our journey in the morning. We planned to travel for 7-8 hours. We drove on a side road because the GPS told us to do it. I thought that it could be faster.

After two hours, when we were on a dirt road among cows, I realized that something was wrong with the GPS. I realized that without the Internet the GPS didn’t work properly. We lost a lot of time when we tried to find the right way.

Fortunately, we had a map in the car. The problem began later when the sun went down and the child started crying. He was crying all the time and there was no way to stop him.


author: Piotr