Martin, Norway – Level 3


I have a dog named Spot. He is a Border Collie and he got his name from his looks. He has a black spot on his right eye. Stupid, I know.

He is just like an ordinary dog. He loves to play and go for walks, but when it comes to cuddling and petting him, he is crazy. When you start petting him, you aren’t allowed to stop. He will literally SIT on you if you try to leave. Even If you aren’t cuddling, he will find you and lick you to death. If you are asleep, he will jump up and wake you up to cuddle. If you are going to sleep, he will sit on the bed and wait. You can’t escape from him unless you have dog treats.

Just like I mentioned, he loves going on walks. I don’t know if it is normal for dogs to carry everything they see, but he does. He is special in my heart. This is the end of my little introduction about my dog.

author: Martin