Emre, Turkey – Level 3


As we know, people nowadays have become more depressed and unhappy with the changing world. Sometimes even I say I wish I could have a chance not to live.

The main reason for this is that people think they are so busy with their jobs and school lives that they forget to see the beauty of the world. They don’t even have any idea what they are missing.

It is better to live your life by enjoying it, to experience every breath you take and notice the taste of coffee. Alright, maybe you had an hour-long ride on a loaded bus. It is good to accept that life isn’t as perfect as in fables. It depends on you. Only you can make your life more pleasant.

I heard a story about happiness. Two hospital patients are looking at the back garden of the hospital. One of the patients looks at the fence surrounding the building and the other one sees the beauty of the creek of the other side of the fence.


author:  Emre