Alan, Brazil – Level 3


Living in Brazil is difficult to define. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it sucks badly. I guess it’s the same everywhere except the things that make Brazil great or awful are completely different than what is going on in other countries.

We have a unique set of natural resources and that makes us specially blessed and somewhat lazy at the same time. You can find food virtually at any corner, just look for a tree or someone to ask for and you’ll solve your problem. We’re very special in diversity, too.

At the same time while you can find food anywhere within one state, it may not be as easy in a different state. The variety is so large that you might find snow at the southern part of the country and extreme drought up in the north.

Our government and legal systems are one of the worst things to list. Having a document, for example a certificate of debts issued can be as difficult as starting or closing a new company. This takes a really long time around here!

On the other hand, I can’t complain. It’s awesome being a Brazilian!

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author: Alan Dantas