Varun, Croatia – Level 3


I like to eat. I enjoy Pizzas, McDonalds burgers, Coca Cola. Because of these I am very fat.

So, I decided to run every day. I run 5 km per day. After 30 days I saw many changes, for example, I lost 5 kg, I feel much better, I am happier and more satisfied with myself. I am also more confident and I hope that soon I will find some beautiful girl. I really believe in that.

Every day I drive my bike, I swim in one big swimming pool, I go to the gym. I think that one girl from the gym started watching me. Because of this, I am very ashamed.

I have changed my everyday eating habits so I eat only white chicken meat with vegetables. I drink only natural drinks, fresh juice. I also love milk so I am drinking it in large amounts.



author: varun suresh