John, Turkey – Level 1


Hi everybody, I am from Turkey. I live in Ankara. I live in Inci. Inci is a student part of the city. Ankara’suniversity is here. There are a lot of cafes, cinemas and billiard rooms here. We go to these places after the lessons.

When you come to Ankara, you must visit Ankara art gallery. It has fantastic paintings from famous Turkish artists. Ankara is the capital of Turkey. The founder of Turkey is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. You can see many tourists in Ankara.

Gib is Ankara’s local food. It is long and spicy. Gib is fantastic. When you come to Ankara, it is good to eatgib because you can only find it here.

I wish everybody who reads this story improves their English. See you, goodbye.


author: Unknown