Nils, Germany – Level 2


When I was a child I played handball in a team. I stopped playing after one year. Since this day I have never done any kind of sports.

I’m now 28 years old and I started running approximately two years ago. When I started to run regularly I stopped smoking. My first run was horrible. I couldn’t run 300 meters without taking a break. I wanted to stop because I thought running was a stupid idea and yet I did my second run.

I pinned a special day when I was going to participate in a city run with a distance of 5km. I started to run 3 times per week and my cardio skills improved immediately. I made progress with every run. I reached my goal and attended the city run. I finished the five kilometres in 26 minutes.

After a year and a half I’m very proud to be able to tell everybody that I ran a half-marathon a month ago. I never thought that I would do this in my life, but I did it and I will even go further. My new sport goal is to run a full marathon in the next years because every (healthy) person should be able to do this. You only need to leave your comfort zone…

Josiah Mackenzie

author: Nils