Duc, Vietnam – Level 2


My son is growing up and he studies English in school. He says a lot of new words to me and sometimes neither he nor I know what they mean. This is why I decided to learn English to help him.

I study with a friend of mine. The teacher is a foreigner. We have classes two days a week. Sometimes we drink beer together and we talk about anything.

I am following a Business English course because it helps me at my work. Every day I listen to the news on CNN and BBC. Even if I don’t understand all, I listen carefully and try to remember many of the words.

I also read short stories on my mobile phone app and I read the short news on the BBC app. I have a dictionary app which suggests ten words everyday and I read them. I usually read a lot of English news on Facebook and I comment on them. I read all the short stories on News in levels. I think it helps me a lot. I use the Cambridge Dictionary to translate the new words, after that I note them on Quizlet.com so that I can revise them.

However, I always worry about grammar when I write. My teacher is now going home to the UK. He will come back to Vietnam next year but he will live in Ho Chi Minh. I live in Da Nang City, which is one of Vietnam’s big cities. I will study with my son.

I hope next year I will speak and write very well, maybe I will even help my son. I think English will give people many opportunities to work and earn money in my country. I hope to make friends all over the world and study English with them. My e-mail address is nguyenminh.duc@live.com. Thanks for all.

author: Duc Nguyen Minh