Keep all passwords on the tiny device


If you are tired from trying to remember all those passwords from various sites you visit, read about the newest device that can solve the problem!


Use this tiny and smart device to keep your data protected

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine someone that never uses a computer. We live in an era of digital technology where all people have a lot of passwords to use for various websites they sign in. And probably you know how it feels when you type a password, but it’s incorrect because you totally forgot what password you made for this site. You try to remember again and again, but the one decision is to change the password. It’s so much boring to spend your precious time to create a new password! And then you can easily forget it again just because it’s too hard to keep so much information in your head.

How is it possible not to forget passwords?

It’s risky to use the same password for all sites you visit, as well as write them down and keep somewhere. The Internet isn’t a safe place and nobody wants their e-mail account to be hacked. The idea of keeping all those passwords in your head sounds like a nightmare. There are a lot of very important passwords including your bank account, private e-mail account, your Facebook page, etc. Apart from this, you may have many other passwords from various websites you visit from time to time, like the online store, eBay account, paper writing service, etc. You want all private information to stay protected from thieves, but how to do this? Think about what if you had equipment that could develop all the needed passwords to log in your account easily and fast? Probably you would say it sounds like something unreal, but such device already exists and it was even released to people! This is a very small thing that can provide great password shield for all your accounts. Actually, military uses the same secure technology to defend classified information, so we assure you — this is a reliable and trustful gadget.

How does this invention work?

This is a small Bluetooth invention that is able to create and secure a complex and strong password for your online account. You don’t need to create and remember any password because it will do this job for you! This incredible gadget works perfectly:

  • It can create a complex password for any website you need to log in, and you can be sure that nobody could hack your account;
  • It uses special military encryption to protect all passwords;
  • You can log into websites with the Everykey. When you stop using the website, it logs you out to keep accounts protected.

But you can get a question like “What if I lose this device?”. Don’t worry, nobody can use it because you can lock it down. Just run the application on your phone and freeze your lost Everykey in a few seconds! You have to know that Everykey doesn’t store all passwords on the device. Your passwords are stored on a secure server, so even if someone would steal your Everykey without you knowing, they won’t be able to use it anyway.

Additional functions of the Everykey

We live in a digital world of computers and other gadgets, and we need private information to stay private. It’s possible to use this device not only for creating and keeping passwords, but also to unlock your gadgets like a computer, tablet, laptop, and smartphone. It actually can work with all devices that have Bluetooth like your automobile, house, lights, etc. This is a universal key that opens almost everything! You shouldn’t worry about someone could crack any of those long passwords — developers counted that even a powerful computer would need about one trillion years to hack your protection. All you need to do is download the Everykey application on your mobile phone or laptop to set up your device. Then just keep your device with you and never worry about all those passwords. Forget about keeping those many complex passwords in your mind!

How much your security costs?

Each device has a key ring and a cable for charging the Everykey. The price of this wonderful gadget is $165, but actually, you can save your money and buy it for about $64.99 because it really hit the market! If to consider that such device will solve all those annoying problems with creating and remembering all those passwords for various accounts, this is not a high price at all for your security. This is a very fair price to save you from wasting time for recovering your passwords and having a headache thinking about what if someone would hack your e-mail account.