Irenee, Vietnam – Level 3


iZOMBiE is a tv series that talks about a girl, Olivia, who works as a surgeon.

One day, she joins a party on a boat. At that party people use a new kind of a drug. But unfortunately it changes them into zombies. Olivia tries to escape but she is scratched by a zombie.

The next morning she wakes up and finds herself hungry. She comes to a dead body and eats its brain. Olivia is scared and worried. She has to continue eating brains because if she stops, she will become a wild zombie which doesn’t have any awareness and just acts like an animal.

As a result, she leaves her job and her fiancé, and avoids her family. She has a job as a medical examiner which can help her get brains from dead bodies. When she eats brains, she sees messages from the dead. So she uses this new skill to solve detective cases in order to help her not feel guilty.

She also has a friend who discovers her secret and helps her to find the cure. It’s a very good series and I recommend you watch it when you have a chance.

Hajourei Ha

author: greyloch