Hamid, Iran – Level 1


Hello everybody! Greetings from Iran!

Iran is a very beautiful country with many nice places to see. I want tell you that Iran is a very safe and calm country. If you sometimes hear about problems in Iran, it’s a political quote, please don’t worry.

I want to invite you to come here and see very nice things. If you come to visit Iran you can go to the city of Isfahan and see many historical places like Si-o-seh pol (a bridge of 33 arches) or the Isfahan bazaar. You can also go to Shiraz and see the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the tomb of Hafez and the tomb of Sadi, both of them famous poets. In Shiraz you can also see Eram garden, the Shah Cheragh mosque and many other beautiful sights.

When you travel in Iran, you can see all four seasons in different places. I think it’s fantastic. I hope you enjoy Iran.


reza pourhaji

author: Hamid