Halyna, Ukraine – Level 3


The job interview is this test which everyone must pass. If you don’t go to the interview, you will not take the job. Not only that, you won’t know your skills and what you are capable of.

Some people are not scared of the word “ interview”, but for the main part, myself included, people are afraid. For me the interview resembles going on stage. Everyone looks at you and you have to speak. Sometimes it’s exciting because it’s a new experience, but sometimes it could be stressful. When you are asked tricky questions you don’t know the answer of, it could easily turn very uncomfortable. No wonder my legs shake under the table.

I worry every time I go for an interview. I am kind and relaxed but then there comes a point when all your thoughts fly away. This is when the questions come. I was once asked why I was so nervous. I panicked and said that I want to get the job done. Luckily everything worked out for the best and I was accepted in the team.

The best advice for an interview is to smile and tune in a positive way. It is also important to dress nicely and answer all the questions you are asked. Then everything will turn out just fine and you will land your dream job.


author: Halyna