Nima, Denmark – Level 1


Tanbur is an old instrument. It is 5000 years old. King Koshin makes this instrument.

Tanbur is a Kurdish instrument. The instrument is special to people who practice Yarsan. Yarsan is a small religion in Iran. The Yarsani people use this instrument during religious moments. Tanbur is very important for them.

Tanbur is made from two special trees. You can play all songs on a tanbur. But there are 72 special songs which Yarsani people play on a tanbur during religious moments.

Yarsan also has a special book. The words in the book are made for songs. Whenpeoplesing one of the 72 special songs, it is good to use words from the book. The name of the book is ‘Daftar’.


author: Nima