Hoang, Vietnam – Level 3


I will tell you about a typical dish from my country. Coincidentally, it is also my favorite food. I am a big fan of square cake. It is the most popular and delicious traditional Vietnamese food on Tet holiday.

In contrast to the fast food of modern life, the process of making square cake is time-consuming and requires the contribution of several people. The main ingredients are sticky rice, pork meat, and green beans. They are wrapped in a square of leaves that give the rice a green color after boiling.

The sticky rice must be very good and should be soaked in water from the previous day. After wrapping, the square cake is boiled on a wood fire for 12 hours. The sticky rice gets soft, the green beans smell great and get greasy from the pork meat.

Eating this food with soured Chinese shallot will bring you unforgettable taste! Although square cake is special food for Tet holiday, I eat it every day. I think it is not only famous in Vietnam but also all over the world. You don’t miss this special food for the Tet holiday in Viet Nam!

author: Hoang Sen