Freya, Vietnam – Level 3


Honestly, I don’t have a tattoo now. But, I’m going to try with Henna, a tattoo for a special occasion.

My hobby is shopping. I go shopping with my friend at the weekend. We go to Hello weekend, Sai Gon Holiday Market. There is Henna Boot and I’m always attracted by small drawings. Once I wanted a Henna drawing on my hand, but my friend prevented me from this and said, “It’s so crazy and stupid”. She doesn’t like tattoo. However, I think it’s OK! It isn’t like a traditional tattoo, Henna is just a small drawing.

If you don’t like it, you can remove by a wet towel or it will fade away and disappear after a week. Well, Henna is convenient and easy to have instead of a traditional tattoo as it is very difficult to decide whether you should have it or not. Try something new that will make you feel better.

I’m a curious girl and I want to try all kinds of interesting things. Henna is one of interesting things that I know. If it is possible, I want to have one tattoo my family and one with my best friend.


author: Freya