Khatoon, Iran – Level 3


One day while I was going to work, I saw a woman who was ill and could not walk. So I decided to help her instead of going to work. I took her to her house in the best part of the city. She must have been very rich to live there, but then why was she alone, miserable and helpless in the subway?

When I arrived at my work, my boss was really angry. I told him the story but he did not believe me. He wanted me to leave my job. Although I needed my job, I resisted in my opinion that helping people is more important than working. My boss told me to opt for helping people instead of working. In the end, I left my job.

A few days later my boss wanted to meet me. He begged me to return to work, so I went back. When I got there I realised that he was ashamed. He told me that the woman I helped the other day was his wife. He apologised to me ashamed, saying that God was watching us.

author: Khatoon