Marek, the Czech Republic – Level 2


I am from the Czech Republic but I moved to Germany. The reason why I moved is simple. Here in Munich there is a Sudbury free school and it was my dream to go to a free school.

The school is not so far from my town, it’s around 900km. Sudbury Schule Ammersee is for children from 6-19 years and it is absolutely free. When I was 12 I started reading about Summerhill, another free school. This school is in England. I was interested in this school system.

When I arrived in Germany and found out that the Sudbury Schule Ammersee is closed I was very angry. The reason why this school closed is horrible. The Ministry of Bayern, which is the part of Germany where this school is located, said that the school can open normally like the previous year. However, the day before they had written an email that the school can’t open.

We, the students, are waiting for a decision. I hope that it will be a good one.


author: Marek Kozlovský