Mukhtar, Afghanistan – Level 2


First of all, I would like to tell you about the wedding culture in Afghanistan. Getting married in Afghanistan isn’t easy.

Most of the fathers sell their daughters. When a young boy wants to court a girl, at first the girl’s father asks him, “How can you pay me if I agree to the marriage proposal?” The poor boy says, “I don’t know. How much do you want?” If the girl is pretty and educated, her father wants a lot more than others. The price of girls in Afghanistan is from $8000 until $20000.

The wedding party is another problem. Foods, clothes, a car, a home and the other things necessary for the wedding are very expensive. Maybe you know that 80% of the young people in Afghanistan are unemployed and cannot save enough for their wedding.

Now I want to tell you about my wedding. I married my wife Nilofar Langar four months ago in the city of Mazar–e Sharif. We engaged and married very easily, without spending a lot of money. When I courted Nilofar, her father didn’t ask me about my money, he just asked me about my education and my job.

We arranged a memorable party with the poor street children in our city. We invited 300 children to the wedding party in a park. We didn’t invite our rich friends and family, all of our guests were poor children who were working at the street. We had a memorable dinner with those angels. All of them danced with us and were very happy because it was the first wedding party in Afghanistan with children in a park. After our wedding party, all the people in Afghanistan saw how much good a wedding can do.

author: Mukhtar wafayee