Saeed, Iran – Level 3


Yup, you can improve your English skills by watching movies with English subtitles!

I prefer subtitles in English instead of my in own language because it’s more effective. Read this experiment as a proof.

Forty-four students in Arman Garayan Language Institute were selected from two intact classes of audiovisual and film translation courses. A movie was selected based on the content and level of difficulty of the language. First, both classes watched the same movie, but class 1 watched it with English subtitles and class 2 without subtitles. After watching the movie, the participants answered relevant multiple choice vocabulary and content comprehension questions. The data gathered were subjected to the statistical procedure of paired samples t-test. The results showed that subtitles had a positive impact on content comprehension of English movies. It can be concluded that the participants comprehend the subtitled movie better than the one without subtitles.

author: Saeed