Terezinha, Brazil – Level 3


I retired recently. My job was interesting, but I felt a little tired. I also had dreams about other activities that I want to do. One of them was to do volunteer work.

I now tell stories to elderly people in an asylum. The elderly love listening to stories. That volunteer work is very serious. We are linked to the Story Teller’s House, a Nongovernmental Organization, located in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. That Institution works with several other Institutions, which host people in precarious situations. The motto of the Story Teller’s House is “Humanity needs stories as much as bread”.

Telling stories to these people helps them with their problems. Adults like listening to stories, maybe more than children. They are very thankful for your work. They don’t pay you for your efforts, but it’s very rewarding for us. We tell fairy tales, fables, legends and myths, Brazilian legends and stories from all the world, such as Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and German among others.

The elderly people prefer stories whose characters are animals, children, kings and queens. They say that this activity makes them remember good memories from the past. I love this work!


author: Terezinha Irene Mossmann