Julio, Spain – Level 3


It’s believed that breaking new technologies offer a bed of roses to their users, but nothing could be further from the truth. Nowadays, they may be a dangerous addition to our lives. Not only do they help us, but they could also hook us up changing our routines or lifestyle.

To make matters worse, some devices like mobiles are not safe enough to carry. Thus, please check your daily routines and the safety of your own items.  At this stage, according to some experts, behavioral addictions are coming up more and more in our stressful lifestyle, especially if you are a teenager.

Today, the biggest networking place is the Internet; one-to-one or one-to-many communications are running every single day. Young people live indoors, in front of their little screens 24/7. It’s easy to guess why their lack of interpersonal skills or develop obesity.

On the other hand, let’s move on to the topic of safety. To my regret, some models of mobiles don’t have enough qualities to carry on. Have you ever thought about the design, safety, and portability of your phone? In fact, we are carrying a small stone in our pockets. Don’t you think so?


author: Julio