Chau Ahn, Vietnam – Level 2


One day, under a deep sea, there was a big party for all the fish in the Pacific Ocean. If they wanted to join that party, they had to perform on stage.

There was a clown fishwhich came from far away. His name was Funclish. Funclish loved to join the party, but he thought that he was the worst in performing on stage. He also didn’t want to miss the party. He thought and thought and thought about it all week but he still didn’t know what to do.

Then Tuesday – the day of the big party – came. Funclish was scared, but he still prepared everything for the party. Before he went to the party, he phoned his friends: Yellow tang, Goldfish, Betta, and Rainbowfish. They all said, “I have a really good performance! I came to the party about 30 minutes ago. Will you also come?”

After the phone call, Funclishdecided to go to the party too!

(To be continued)


author: Chau Ahn