Chau Ahn, Vietnam – Level 1


There is a big party. It is under a deep sea. The party is for all the fish in the Pacific Ocean. If they want to be at the party, they have to play something for the other fish.

There is a clown fish. He lives very far. His name isFunclish. Funclishwants to go to the party. But he thinks that he can’t play for the other fish. He doesn’t know what to do. He thinks and thinks and thinks about it all week.

Then Tuesday – the day of the big party – comes. Funclish is scared, but he prepares everything for the party. Before he goes to the party, he calls his friends. They all say, “We are at the party. It is great. Where are you? Come here.”

After the phone call, Funclishdecides to go to the party too!

(To be continued)


author: Chau Ahn