Tahani, Oman – Level 3


Cinema is no doubt one of the most important sources of entertainment. It plays a significant role in social life. There are a lot of films showing in my country’s cinemas. They are of various genres such as action, romantic, horror, adventure, etc.

Comedy is my favorite genre. I like watching romantic and adventure films, but not as much as I like comedies. I hate action films and they make me bored. I like horror films but I cannot watch them alone. I always need someone to be with me while I am watching a horror because I know I will be scared and I will need to catch someone’s hand in order to feel better and enjoy the film.

Since there is no cinema in my city, we always go to Muscat, the capital of my country, to enjoy films in the cinema.  Last vacation, I took my brothers to Muscat. We stayed there for four days and we went to cinema. We watched an adventure comedy called „The Joker” or something like that. It was really exciting and we had lots of fun. We enjoyed our time there and we will go again in February to have another nice holiday.



author: Tahani