Sky, Azerbaijan – Level 3


My target is just to improve my writing skills as well as to share my opinions with communities via the Internet.

So, we all know that there many activities which try to solve social problems. These activities are held frequently in nearly all countries worldwide. Such problems are, for example, discrimination, mistreatment of children, disabled people or the elderly, war or education problems.

The relation between parents and children is especially interesting to me. I think that parents should be friends with their children. Everyone can make a mistake. It is important to have parents who love their children and help them excel in everything by encouraging and motivating them.

At first, parents should respect their children’s decisions and support them. Parents should also teach their children good manners. In my opinion, education is one of the most important things in life. I think children have to learn to be polite. Children shouldn’t judge other people’s religion but instead, respect the opinions, choices and decisions of others. Parents should teach their children to love animals and not to hurt them. They should also teach them to preserve nature and not to damage it.


author: Sky