Charcoal, Thailand – Level 3


Dear friends, I put on the helmet and kicked the bike stand. I got on my bike and rode off.

I just went into an outdoor arena. There everything is covered by falling leaves. I rode through some magnificent scenery. Nobody really noticed the changes during the rush hours.

My father bought me the bike. It was nice of him to instill this bike passion in me. I would like to give my warmest thanks for all that he has done.

Even on my journey across the city’s streets, I faced dangers of all sorts. Look before you leap! Nevertheless the journey gave me the opportunity to see lovely people. They came up to the stray dogs. They brought some rice.

The dogs looked at them with huge puppy-dog eyes. A cute dog’s eyes with hungry look, staring at the food. They were always adorable. I mostly rode back home at six thirty in the evenings and passed these scenes almost every day. I always went home with relief filling my tender heart.

author: Charcoal