Oktay, Turkey – Level 2


I’m Oktay and I live in Malatya. One day God helped me go abroad. I didn’t know what could happen there, but I still went.

This was in 2018 and in the days of the World Cup in Russia. I met a Polish woman on social media. I still can’t forget that it was a football match between Poland and Senegal. Each of us bet on a team to win. If I won the bet, I could get her phone number. I was saying prayers until the end of the match. Can you believe it?

I won the bet. A few days later, she came from Krakow to Bielsko, so we could meet. She told me that there was a big castle in Bielsko and we could meet there. I couldn’t breathe properly until I met her.

Finally, I met her! I never met such a beautiful woman before. She made a difference in my life. There was also something funny about the meeting. The castle is not so big at all. It was a small and cute castle.

Thank you, Karolina. This is to our future and our babies Gepard, Frania and Buziak.


author: Oktay