Oktay, Turkey – Level 1


I’m Oktay and I live in Malatya. One day God helps me go abroad. I don’t know what can happen abroad, but I go.

This is in 2018. It is time of the World Cup in Russia. I meet a Polish woman on social media. It is time when Poland and Senegal play. Each of us bet on one team. If I win the bet, I can get her phone number. I am saying prayers until the end of the match. Can you believe it?

I win the bet. After some days, she comes from Krakow to Bielsko, and we meet. She tells me that there is a big castle in Bielsko and we can meet there. I can’t breathe wellbefore I meet her.

Finally, I meet her! She is the most beautiful woman in my life. My life is different now.

There is also something funny about the meeting. The castle is not so big. It is a small and nice castle.

Thank you, Karolina. This is to our future and our babies Gepard, Frania and Buziak.


author: Oktay