Roberto, Brazil – Level 3


I was trying to find a way how to learn a language better. Looking at our past, when we started speaking, we didn’t learn grammar, but we listened a lot. Since you were born, you’ve been listening to your parents, you built a relationship with them. You got used to making a connection between what your parents were talking about and their action and you started to understand “the whys of things”. Then you started talking.

Then only when you grew and started school, you began learning to read, write and you learnt grammar. Therefore, even if we study a lot in our language school, it takes us two, three or five years to learn a new language and there’s a possibility that we will have difficulty speaking. I have studied since I was thirteen years old, and I’ve never had success.

Now, I’ve been trying a new method. I listen and I assimilate the things. My communication has been getting better a lot in recent months.

Sometimes, we need to stop and think what the best way out is to our problems instead of using always the traditional methods.


author: Roberto Felizardo