Lukas, Czech Republic – Level 3


When I came across this web page I thought about what I could write. What is the most interesting thing about me? I am just a regular person like you. However, I have one experience I would like to share with you. One experience which has come to be my best decision ever.

A few years ago I decided to hand in my notice at a job I didn’t enjoy and go abroad to improve my language skills. Of course, I was scared but at my age, that was my very last chance to make my dreams come true.

I packed some basic stuff and set off for London. The first few days I travelled a lot. That was so amazing. I was surrounded by so many stunning landmarks. Then I realized I was really there. I was alone in that huge place without any family around, but I made it!!

One week after my arrival in London, I found a job at a modern Japanese restaurant and spent there four amazing months. Actually, what was more, I found many friends from all over the world there, even from places which I did not know before.

Thanks to this trip, I started looking at everything from another perspective. Now every time I feel down I remember this gorgeous trip.


author: Lukas Z.