Natalia, Ukraine – Level 3


My day is incomplete without at least one 15-minute yoga practice. It substitutes coffee and adjusts my mind into a composed set. I find it the best way to stay fit and balanced. The effect it has is obvious taking into consideration how many people all over the world enjoy it. There are so many variations, enabling every person to find the desired results.

I started practicing yoga when I was getting over a hard breakup and it definitely helped me. I had my views reset and my priorities rearranged. I now know that my body is my beacon. I learned to listen to its needs and understand them. When the troubles of daily life seem overwhelming, I put my thoughts to peace with deep exhales and inhales.

The wisdom of learning goes back to humanity’s past. It preserves the very origin and goal of life: to reach a harmony between body and mind, and to find a way to the universal energy.


author: Natalia