Konrad, Poland – Level 3


Nowadays almost everyone has a computer in their house. Almost every computer is connected to the Internet. This fact gives us an opportunity to play computer games online or offline.

Computer games can be a nice way to spend time on your own or with your friends. For some people it may become a hobby. They can record their gaming sessions, do live streams, or give other players tips to become better at it. If you are good at something and play on very high level you might become a professional player. You will be paid for playing.

Professional players can participate in many tournaments solo or with their team. You won’t earn a lot at the beginning, but in the future you might play in an international tournament or world championships. Prizes in this kind of contests are very high. For example in CS:GO World Electronic Sports Games tournament a first place prize was 80,0000 dollars for 5 players plus money from sponsors. Dota 2 World Champions won 2 million dollars.

However, it’s a job for young people. You have to be good at a game when you start. If a younger player is better than you, he or she will replace you. In my opinion it’s a good job, but you won’t be a pro player forever. Someday you’ll have to find a normal job.

Robert Couse-Baker

author: Konrad