Bong, Vietnam – Level 3


The city that I want to mention is Quy Nhon – a coastal city in Vietnam. It is based in Binh Dinh Province.

Its natural, unspoiled beauty is so captivating that it attracts everyone to this spot. Quy Nhon is known as the hometown of the hero Nguyen Hue. There are also many famous historical monuments.

Coming here, we can not only enjoy its outstanding natural beauty with a long beach and the sea, but we can also visit other famous places nearby such as Han Mac Tu’s grave in Ghenh Rang, Hon Kho, Nhon Ly, Cham Temples, etc.

Here we have a good chance to listen to traditional folk songs and attend the special festivals of the local residents. Moreover, Quy Nhon is also a food heaven with various kinds of tasty dishes. The land is famous for Bun Cha Ca, Nem Cha Cho Huyen, Ruou Bau Da, Banh Trang Nuoc Dua and others.



author: Bong