Stalyn, Ecuador – Level 3


One day I was going to my uncle’s house in the countryside. The afternoon was ending and the sunset was approaching. It was getting darker and darker until I could hardly see.

As I was walking through the trees and plants, I heard some footsteps behind me. I tried to not pay attention but they were getting closer and louder. Suddenly a feeling of fear ran all over my body and I started to run like hell, as fast as I could, never looking back. I think I ran and ran for almost 20 minutes getting so scared, screaming. Nevertheless, those footsteps were still going after me, running after me, chasing me.

Finally I reached my uncle’s house and when I was running up the stairs of the house I decided to turn back. You know what? All this time I had been running away from a hungry but beautiful dog. I gave him some food and since then he’s become my friend, my true friend…

author: Stalyn