About you – Travel to work – Level 2

This article is from David. He lives in the Czech Republic.

David, Czech Republic – Level 2


Hello, my name is David and I am a student of English. I like English very much and I want to be better at it. Now, I want to write something about my life.

When I go to work, I really like listening to music on my phone. I usually update the playlist of my favourite morning songsthe night before. I really love listening to music and watching the start of the day in the streets. It looks like I am watching a movie and all people on the streets are actors who are starting their new stories. Everything looks so calm and positive.

Now, you know more about me. I have a question for you:

Do you travel to work by bus, car or do you go on foot?

(Please write your answer in the comment area below or write to us here.)

The People in Levels team also recommend this short tip for improving your English speaking skill:

“Try to create a long answer to the question. Say the answer aloud.”


author: People in Levels team