About you – Morning – Level 3

This article has been written by our student David from the Czech Republic.

David, Czech Republic – Level 3


Hello, my name is David and I am a student of English. I like English very much and I want to be better at it. Now, I want to write something about my life.

 If I can choose a time to wake up, it is 7am. It sounds very soon for somebody but for me it is good time to be ready and feel that I can start a day with a lot of energy. Before getting up, I usually lie in bed and create a visualization of all activities and dreams that should come true within the particular day.

Now, you know more about me. I have a question for you:

What is thefirst activity you do immediately after waking up?

(Please write your answer in the comment area below or write to us here.)

The People in Levels team also recommend this short tip for improving your English speaking skill:

“Try to create a long answer to the question. Say the answer aloud.”


author: People in Levels team