Javelle, France – Level 2


Our trip to NewCaledonia lasted 15 days. And it had two different aims: one for my wife, another one for me. I will explain to you why we have planned this long trip of 15 days.

My wife has stayed in New Caledonia for 8 years when she was young. She went there when she was 8 years old. She wanted to fly there to see what has changed since this time. We got married 15 years ago, and I when I heard that my wife has had a beautiful life during the past, I felt I needed to know this country, because it is a part of my wife’s life.

We flew there last May. This country was exactly what my wife had told me: beautiful with blue sea, sun every day, fantastic landscape. We had the opportunity to visit some old friends of my parents–in-law, because those people have arrived the same day in Caledonia, but they have stayed longer.

It was very hard for them to be so far from this paradise and so then they decided to stay indefinitely. For my part, I flew there just for 15 days, but I am sure to never forget this little period of my life.

One advice for you: If you can afford that, do the same. I am sure that you won’t regret it.


Roderick Eime

author: Javelle