Leonardo, Colombia – Level 3


“El confesionario” is a bike trail between Anapoima and Apulo. It is a beautiful road with different landscapes. The trail is about twenty five kilometers long. It is important to say that it is down way going to Apulo, while you’ll have to go up to Anapoima to return to your car.

This trail is made for expert cyclists because you’ll find hot and dry weather, maybe because it is a canyon that goes near the Bogota river and it stops the wind into the road. Anyway it is a beautiful place with alligators, rocks, hard climbs, speed traps, big holes, donkeys, cows, dogs, birds, iguanas and the unforgettable smell of the Bogota river flowing to the Magdalena.

When you arrive to Apulo you can find delicious typical food such as arracacha and chili cake with kola-sol. It`s very tasty and it has an exceptional property because you will have a strong memory of that taste throughout the way up to Anapoima, especially with the high slope climbs.

To be a good climber is not enough. You will need a pro-technique to avoid loose rocks, cross wooden bridges over the river, avoid furious dogs protecting their farms. It’s strongly recommended that you carry some pieces of food to calm them down. Otherwise you’ll have to prove your unique skills of running with hungry dogs behind you.

Returning to Anapoima, visitors can go to “El Quincho”, that is an Argentinian restaurant where you can find the most delicious meat. At the end of the workout you would have spent more than 5000 kcal. Combined with the weather and the environment this might feel like you fulfilled some penance but I’m pretty sure that if you will love riding bikes when you come back.

Robert S. Donovan from Adams, NY, USA

author: Leonardo