Moujahid, Morroco – Level 3


I remember one day in elementary school when I was 10. The teacher didn’t come and the weather was beginning to get hot.

Together with a few of my classmates I ran to the beach. We jumped into the water to cool down a little and quickly returned to school. No one noticed our state. There was a public fountain that allowed us to take a quick shower to remove any traces of sand or salt that could indicate our adventure.

The beach was about 3 km from the school and the road was not very good at all. Despite this, no one complained when we suggested repeating the adventure whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Our parents told us that the beach is dangerous and that you should never go alone. With time, I learned how to use the hook and the bait to fish small fish. What a pleasant sensation to feel a fish on the end of the wire and then the feeling that wracks your nerves, the feeling of losing it before having it in the basket. As my parents ought not to know that I was at sea I gave the fish to some of my older friends who no longer needed parental permission.


author: Moujahid