Clémence, France – Level 3


I would like to be an actress. I know, it sounds unrealistic and strange, but that’s what I really want to be. I went through a period when I was outgoing with my family, but very shy in front of people. Drama classes helped me deal with this problem.

I started practising drama three years ago, because I thought it was a great way to improve my acting skills, but, above all, to become confident, which would help me achieve my dreams. I was surprised at how fast all this went. I became more and more confident, and I could see real results. I was very anxious before I went on stage for my first performance, but so proud of myself when the play ended, and I could feel how great my improvement had been.

During the second performance, I was even more confident and I incredibly enjoyed acting, embodying a character, being my parents’ pride and receiving their compliments. I’ve just started high school. I chose drama as an option, and right now, I’m able to express myself in front of people, and to feel comfortable and resourceful when it comes to speaking in front of my class, or bonding with new people.

I’ve just acted in some short movies and one video clip, and I hope that I will have a wonderful career! It’s important to know what your skills and abilities are so that you can do many things and make your dreams come true.

As Mohamed Ali said, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”. I’m scared, but I won’t quit.


author: Clémence