Dang , Vietnam – Level 3


September 2nd is the National Day of Vietnam and one of the most important national holidays. It was on this day in 1945 that President Ho, on behalf of our people, read the Declaration of Independence, which officially ended the 100-year French occupation.

On the morning of that special day, there are a great parade of soldiers and a procession of workers in the city centre. My family stays at home to watch the events of the anniversary live on television. In the afternoon, we go to the Great Exhibition to see the achievements of our people so far. At night, we gather in front of the City Hall to watch fireworks and join in the colourful festivities on the streets.

This annual celebration always brings me joy and good memories. It reminds me of a decisive event in our national history.


Lưu Ly vẽ lại theo nguồn trên

author: Dang Phuong Uyen