Malek, Syria – Level 3


His eyes are dark like black holes and the tears on his cheeks have dried. Nevertheless, his forehead and his will are as strong as those of a struggling man.

He is a child from a war era, an era when most humans get wronged. Hani is one of the children who suffered from the calamities of war. He is an ordinary child who led an ordinary life with his family. His parents loved him so much that they did not deprive him from anything he liked.

After war erupted in their country, Hani’s life changed and so did the lives of all the other people. It was an extraordinary hellish life now. The war that started as a revolution broke out as a demand for freedom and for reducing corruption. In response, the government regime tried suppressing people with all means by claiming to fight traitors.

Guns, war planes and all kinds of weapons were used by that traitorous government which was cooperating with many terrorist world regimes in order to demolish the home, hope, and souls of the people, and of course, Hani’s family was a victim.

Hani is the sole survivor of his entire family. He lived to witness the disaster of that war and cried for his parents and home until his eyes dried. However, that situation did not last long because he grew up fast and decided to have revenge for his family and other innocent victims.

Hani was resolute to take his revenge against the oppressors and invaders who occupied his country and destroyed everything good in it. For this reason, he established the League of Right to recover the rights of the people and to free his home. He started by gathering oppressed people and awakening them to fight for their rights, then he armed and trained them.

Moreover, Hani gained support worldwide because of his rightful cause. This changed the world politics about his country and played a big part in strengthening his cause and weakening that of their enemies’. The traitorous governing regime and its partners became weak fighting on their own.

The League of Right got stronger and stronger, winning more supporters day by day. They won many victories and freed many parts of the country until one day they managed to siege the capital city which was the stronghold of the tyrants.

After months of siege the regime forces surrendered and the League troops finally succeeded in entering the city and freeing it. Soon the country was freed of its regime composed of national and international criminals, traitors, and tyrants.

Last but not least, Hani and his people are part of an imaginary story which is also my prediction for the future of a real country we all know. That country is named Syria.

Christiaan Triebert

author: Malek Rahma