Nghia, Vietnam – Level 2


I have just had an unusual day. I had made an appointment with my friend at an insurance company at 2:30 pm. I went earlier and called her.

“Hello, I arrived. When are you coming here?”, I said.

“What? But I told you we would meet tomorrow.”, she answered.

“Really! Oh my god”.  When I hung up, I felt depressed.

My old university was not far from there. I would go there and complete my unfinished work. I rode on my motorbike for thirty minutes to go there. When I arrived, I was surprised to see some builders at work. I went into the building and saw some departments were empty.

What the hell! Are they moving away? Must I go back home without having done anything? It’s terrible! I walked along the aisle to find my office.

Oh my god, it is still here. I opened the door and went into the room. Everyone was there. I gave a sigh of relief. After finishing everything, I went home with a cheerful mood. It was not such a bad day, was it?


Paul Downey

author: Nghia