Lucas, Brazil – Level 1


It’s February and the Brazilians are so excited about the event of the year: The Carnival.

Officially, it is from February 24th until March 1st, but the Brazilians start to celebrate long before that. It doesn’t matter what your favorite activity is: dancing, drinking, running or just chilling; if you want to do something, the Carnival is the time!

It’s five days of party in all Brazilian territories. So many cultures and different kinds of music are mixed together. Some people don’t like the Carnival because they think that there is a lot of mess everywhere, and that’s true. But if you don’t like this moment, you can use that time to do something you like. That is, Carnival is a good moment for everybody.

I’m planning to go to my friend’s farm in Minas Gerais, just to chill and have some fun. After that, what do you think about playing some soccer or having some barbecue? I don’t know, it’s Carnival and I have a lot of time to decide!

Sérgio (Savaman) Savarese

author: Lucas Rosendo