Olgitta, Belarus – Level 3


Become a mother! This idea has visited me all my life. Sure, every woman thinks about having a child one day and imagines herself holding a baby with a smile on her face, but not everyone can find the right moment in life to take the responsibility of having a child. For many the desire to be a mother remains still a dream rather than a reality. Why?

There can be a wide variety of reasons. The woman can’t meet the right man to create a family, she is very busy with her personal growth and building her career, she lives with her parents and doesn’t have her own house, her boyfriend doesn’t want to have a baby… I can continue the list of excuses.

I would like to let you know my story and share my opinion about it. I became a mother in May 2016. I’m very happy now and this is the best thing that has happened to me in last 3 years! When I was pregnant I had doubts whether I had chosen the right time to be a mother. To be honest I didn’t plan my pregnancy very good. I just thought that I would be about 30 years old, married to a very good person who really wants to have a child with me. It turns out my real situation is not exactly like that at the moment, but I am a happy mother!

I was able to find the strength to give up fear and all kinds of excuses! I think the woman was created to become a mother at least one time in her life! It is an incredible happiness to keep your baby in your arms, feed it, to admire the first smile, the laughter, hear the word “mom”. Each day is filled with worries, but despite this, every mother feels so happy to be desired, to be useful and loved. I’m sure that every woman who has already had a baby will understand about what I am talking about.

I would like to address my appeal to everybody who would like to become a mother but has a lot of excuses to do it. Yes, the birth and care of a child is a big responsibility, but why not take the risk? In my life I have met some women that haven’t found the right moment to become a mother and now it isn’t possible at all… They would like to turn back time and make their lives different, filled with children’s laughter and smiles.

Dear woman! If you have in your heart a big wish to be a mother and if you dream about it all time, make your dream reality!


Michael Kordahi

author: Olgitta